Japanese expedition sources

February 29, 2020

As I’ve recently added more information and dates concerning the Japanese Antarctic expedition (1910-1912) aboard ‘Kainan Maru’ to my list of posts, I thought it would also be handy to have my sources in one blog post.

This is by no means meant to be a full list of available material about the expedition and please feel free to bring other books/articles/exhibitions/videos etc. to my attention. My practical monolingualism obviously limits the sources with which I can engage but I will be happy to include material in Japanese or other languages!

Kainan Maru in Wellington Harbour (photograph taken by Joseph Zachariah), National Library of New Zealand



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Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures, National Diet Library, Japan.


Shirase Antarctic Expedition Party Memorial Museum


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Sword presented to Professor Tannatt Edgeworth David by Shirase Nobu, Australian Museum.



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