Did you ever think to link James Joyce to Sir Ernest Shackleton?

July 5, 2018

I was in and about the city of Dublin on Saturday, 16 June. It was upon that date in 1904 that James Joyce set his novel, Ulysses. For many years, that date has been celebrated as Bloomsday, named after Mr Leopold Bloom, a principal character in the novel.

It got me thinking about possible links between the Dublin/ Ireland/ world of James Joyce and that of Sir Ernest Shackleton. Could it be possible to find something that links Joyce to Shackleton, even if obscure and pretty weak? Well, read on…

The piece found at the link below contains the following:

What was Shackleton doing on 16 June, 1904?
Some places that are common to Joyce’s books and the Shackleton story.
Literary and institutional links.
Is Shackleton in Ulysses (the best bit, I swear!)?

I hope you enjoy this bit of Shackletonia!

James Joyce & Ernest Shackleton

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